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Jay is talented photographer and producer who grew up in the Midwest and his lived in 8 different cities in 5 different countries over the last decade.

While having worked as a photographer specializing in lifestyle, travel and food for nearly a decade - Jay also loves the gritty detail work of putting together and organizing a production whether it’s booking talent, scouting venues, keeping production on budget and time or contributing in a more creative role.

Previous projects in a production role includes work with Trunk Club and ELLE India among others. He enjoys being both behind the camera and up front helping bringing creative concepts to real life.His previous experience in fashion has strongly influenced his eye for clean, minimal and inclusive design in his visual work.

He love travelling and is constantly looking for cheap weekend getaways whether it's a couple hours away or exploring new areas around me. You can usually catch him popping into to new bars and restaurants.

To balance out, Jay loves too sneak away from the city and retreat to the mountains or coast at least once a month to recharge.

Jay is a native English speaker who is also conversational in Italian, novice in Spanish and French, and can understand Bahasa.

Other interests include bouldering, scuba diving, cooking and hiking.

You travel a lot - where are you now? 

I've recently moved back to the US after having spent the last 2 years living across Southeast Asia pursuing my own passion projects and building up new work. During my travels, I explored new personal interests in travel, outdoor adventure and fitness. I'm excited to continue to share new work and keep pushing my creative limits.

What do you specialize in your photography?

I focus my work in outdoor, active living, travel and food. I'm especially keen in working with forward thinking companies or individuals that are involved in the above industries.

How do you define your style?

That's kind of like asking someone to describe themselves in the way that dating websites would. You always want to add those extra positives. But If I could choose three ways to describe it, I would say it is considerate, celebratory and an observation.

What do you bring to the table as a producer?

Having assisted in different studios and as a photographer myself over the years, I think, gives me a unique inclusive perspective as someone whose job is to nail down the details so that it’s a smooth running machine on shoot day. Communicating needs and expecting all the missed details ahead of time is key to a success operation.

How do I hire you? 

Browse my work and if you think I'm the right fit, do introduce yourself.